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 Ceramic Line Post Insulator 

Ceramic Line Post Insulatorceramic line post insulator

Ceramic Line Post Insulator used on distribution line and transmission line upto 132KV.

It is mounted rigidly on supporting structure by means of a steed or bolts. It is non-puncturable design.

Connected fitting type: tie top conductor binding type and clamp top with vertical or horizontal mounting.
Cantilever strength can be 5KN, 10KN, 12.5KN, 16KN.

Main type:
ANSI C29.7 type: 57-1, 57-2, 57-3, 57-4, 57-5, 57-11, 57-12, 57-13, 57-14, 57-15, 57-21, 57-22, 57-23, 57-24, 57-25, 57-31, 57-32, 57-33, 57-34, 57-35 Other type according to IEC383 and BS137: EP472,EP480,EP965,EP967,EP801,EP802,EP1046,EP1054,EP1088

grey line post insulator              ceramic line post insulator                         porcelain line post insulator
     57-1,57-2,57-3,57-4,57-5      57-11,57-12,57-13,57-14,57-15      57-21,57-22,57-23,57-24,57-25
    vertical tie top line post         vertical clamp top line post        horizontal clamp top line post

                                           capless line post insulator 

             57-31,57-32,57-33,57-34,57-35                       EP472,EP480,EP965,EP801,EP802         
        horizontal clamp top gain basr line post               capless line post insulator

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