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Ceramic Disc Suspension Insulator

Ceramic disc suspension Insulator is used for insulation and supporting in high voltage overhead transmission and distribution lines as one main of ceramic insulators. They are usually connected and assembled into insulator string and used on different levels of line voltage.

Connected fitting type: ball & socket type; clevis & tongue type
Strength can be 40 KN, 45KN, 60KN, 70KN, 80KN, 100KN, 110KN, 120 KN, 125KN,160KN, 210KN, 300KN
According to different use environment and region, the ceramic disc suspension insulator can be divided into standard type and aiti-pollution type.

Standard ceramic disc suspension insulator:

standard disc suspension insulator 
ANSI type:
52-1, 52-2, 52-3, 52-4, 52-5, 52-6, 52-8, 52-9 according to ANSI C29.2

IEC type:
U70BL, U70BS, U100B, U120B, U160B, U210B, U300B according to IEC383, BS137
The fog type has big creepage distance. According to the shed shape and structure, the fog type disc suspension insulator can be devided into double-shed anti-pollution insulator, tri-shed anti-pollution insulator, aerodynamic ceramic disc suspension insulator and bell-type anti-pollution suspension insulator.
Fog type anti-pollution ceramic disc suspension insulator:
double shed suspension insulator             three shed suspension insulator       
  double shed suspension insulator                        three shed suspension insulator
According to connected way, the ceramic disc suspension insulator can be devided into ball and socket type & clevis and tongue type. The surface of the cap and pin ball of disc suspension insulator should be hot dip galvanized. If the area is highly polluted, the pin ball can be added the zinc sleeve. The locking device of W and R spring split is made of bronze or stainless steel. They have good flexibility and anti-corrosion nature.
aerodynamic suspension insulator         bell-type anti-pollution suspension insulator     
  aerodynamic suspension insulator          bell-type anti-pollution suspension insulator      



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