Porcelain or glass insulators Reliability
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Porcelain or glass insulators Reliability is important for usage or installation, such as service life, evidence in support of reliability. Insulator manufacturers shall be researched the insulator feasibility.


Porcelain or glass insulators Reliability
Service Life
Suppliers are required to comment on the reliability of the equipment and the performance of the materials offered for a service life of 35 years under the specified system and environmental conditions.
Evidence in Support of Reliability
Such comments shall include evidence in support of the reliability and performance claimed including information on Failure Mode and Effect Analysis.

Porcelain or glass insulators Training
Training material in the form of drawings, instructions and/or audio visuals may be required to be provided for the items accepted under the offer.
Tenderers shall state the availability of training materials which should include but is not limited to the following topics:
◆ Handling
◆ Storage
◆ Application (particularly in areas of heavy coastal pollution)
◆ Installation
◆ Maintenance
◆ Environmental performance
◆ Electrical performance
◆ Mechanical performance
◆ Disposal

Environmental Considerations
Suppliers are required to comment on the environmental soundness of the design and the materials used in the manufacture of the items offered. In particular, comments should address such issues as recyclability and disposability at the end of service life.

Each insulator shall be consideration about the reliability. For example, the tool used in our life, we should observed or tested in long time before more and more tools used. Porcelain or glass insulators Reliability is the basic foundation to use on the power lines.

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