Porcelain insulators drawings and service conditions
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Porcelain insulators drawings and service conditions shall be listed in the insulators applicable standards, such as insulator strain and 11kv bridging insulator used on distribution lines.

Porcelain insulators drawings shall be listed the main technical parameters, such as
Leakage distance / creepage distance
Section length
Mechanical strength
Power frequency flashover voltage
Impulse withstand voltage etc.

Porcelain insulators service conditions
Temperatures: 50oC summer day time; -20oC winter night time
Solar Radiation Precipitation: Level 1 000 Wm-2 with high ultraviolet content; Tropical summer storms with high wind speeds, and an annual rainfall in excess of 1 500 mm
Humidity Pollution: Extended periods of relative humidity in excess of 90%; Areas of coastal salt spray and/or industrial pollution with equivalent salt deposit densities in the range 2.0 to 3.0 gm-2
Wind Velocity: 210km/hr (58m/s)

Porcelain insulators drawings and service conditions are the basic requirements for insulator supplier and manufacturers. These are important for the porcelain insulators usage and produce.

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