Specifying and naming convention composite tension insulators
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Composite tension insulators also known as silicone tension/suspension insulators, composite longrod insulators are used for power lines. Specifying and naming convention is convenient to sale or buy.

Specifying silicone tension/suspension insulators
To specify the correct insulator, it is necessary to define the following characteristics:
• Specified mechanical load (SML) [kN]
• Operating voltage and or LIWV (BIL) [kV]
• Nominal creepage distance [mm]
• Metal end fittings or couplings

Designation of silicone tension / suspension insulators
In accordance with IEC 61466-1, composite tension insulators are assigned a reference designation which indicates:
• Insulator type
• Mechanical strength
• Metal end fitting type

Requirement designation examples:
FXBW 10-100 Where:
F = Composite insulators
X = composite tension insulators
B = ball & socket
W = anti-pollution resistance
10 = rated voltage 10kv
100 =100kN specified mechanical load

Specifying and naming convention composite tension insulators is easy to choose the tension insulators, such as which voltage and type is your choice.

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