Insulators markings,insulator packing
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Insulator markings and insulator packing are required in accordance with ANSI, IEC specifications or customer’s requirements. Most of insulator manufacturers shall do these steps.

Each insulator unit shall be legibly and indelibly marked with the following details as per IEC-61109.
(a) Name or trademark of the manufacture.
(b) Voltage & Type
(c) Month and Year of manufacturing.
(d) Min. failing load/guaranteed mechanical strength in kilo Newton followed by the word ‘kN’ to facilitate easy identification.
(e) Country of Manufacturer.
(f) Name of DISCOM

All insulators shall be packed in strong corrugated box of min.7 ply duly palette or wooden crates. The gross weight of the crates along with the material shall not normally exceed 100 Kg. to avoid handling problem. The crates shall be suitable for outdoor storage under wet climate during rainy season.
The packing shall be of sufficient strength to withstand rough handling during transit, storage at site and subsequent handling in the field.
Suitable cushioning, protective padding of dunnage or spacers shall be provided to prevent damage or deformation during transit and handling.
All packing cases shall be marked legibly and correctly so as to ensure safe arrival at their destination and to avoid the possibility of goods being lost or wrongly dispatched on account of faulty packing and faulty or illegible markings.
Each wooden case/crate/corrugated box shall have all the markings stenciled on it in indelible ink.
The bidder shall provide instructions regarding handling and storage precautions to be taken at site.

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