Composite insulators for medium voltage applications
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Composite insulators for medium voltage applications can be divided into line post insulators, longrod insulators, guy strain insulators, cutout fuse insulators and other electrical insulators.

Composite insulators for medium voltage applications are also known as distribution class insulators. It is worth mentioning that the materials and design rules, which have been successfully proven and used for the transmission level for decades, are also applied for the distribution class level.

The types of Composite insulators for medium voltage applications
Line post insulators: these insulators provide a technically superior replacement for the traditional ceramic type post insulators, used at the low to medium distribution voltage range from 15kv to 145kv.
Longrod insulators: a full range of high quality silicone longrod insulators from 15kv to 145kv for markets is provided.
Guy strain insulators: a wide range of guy strain insulators for the purposes of guy wire insulation on distribution line networks is part of the standard programme.
Cutout fuse holders: the cutouts provide protection to power lines and various devices on those lines such as transformers and capacitor banks. The range of cutouts is for 12kv, 24kv and 36kv.
Pin type insulator: normally used on distribution power lines, The range of cutouts is for 11kv, 22kv and 33kv.

For ensuring Composite insulators for medium voltage applications, the laboratory infrastructure comprises:
AC test equipment, dry and wet up to 1000 kV
Impulse voltage generator up to 1600 kV
Salt fog chamber
Partial discharge measurement
Combined material tester for tracking / erosion and
Devices for damper and conductor testing

Composite insulators for medium voltage applications are made from HTV silicone rubber used on any contamination conditions.

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