Composite insulators for high voltage applications
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Composite insulators for high voltage applications include hollow core insulators for cable terminations and current transformer, suspension insulators for transmission and distribution power lines.

With the increasing demand for composite insulators, this technology has been growing rapidly. At the same time, the first service experience led to optimization of the properties of the silicone rubber. Orient Power uses HTV silicone rubber technology (HTV= high temperature vulcanizing).

The production of composite insulators using silicone rubber technology as well as the corresponding feedback from operational service, the types of composite insulators
Suspension/tension insulators up to 1000kv
Line post insulators up to 132kv
Station post insulators up to 1000kv
System insulators

The voltage range of composite insulators is from 15kv up to 1000kv for AC and DC applications. Different type insulators are used for different voltages.

Composite insulators for high voltage applications also used on electrical poles and towers for supporting and insulating. For example, 500kn rated tension insulators used for high voltage transmission lines or distribution lines, high strength station posts are used for substations.

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