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high voltage insulatorZhengzhou Orient Power Co., Ltd a high voltage ceramic insulator supplier, was established in China, which is the famous porcelain country in the world. By favourable geography advantage and superior quality and competitive price, we have established good business relationship with more than 20 countries around the world.

We have passed the ISO9001 quality certification, and we have gained the import and export rights. All the products provided by us are under strict quality control. Each batch of the products will be under inspection and testing according to international standard before delivery. 

We are the supplier of electrical ceramic insulators, mainly disc suspension insulator,ceramic pin insulator, line post insulator, station post insulators, silicon rubber insulatorsceramic bushings, power fittings for power transmission lines and substations. Except this, we also provide whole project contract service. We represent products of our co-operating factories covering cables and accessories, conductors, steel towers and steel construction. We have experts on these products in cooperating design, production and testing and each product will be under our full control. We do this to give customer full package service.

We welcome clients at home and abroad cooperating with us. In the aim of high quality of ceramic insulators, our company has been centering on customers, and offering best power products and comfortable service for you.

         ceramic line post insulator               hollow bushing insulator



   High voltage ceramic insulator

    Ceramic hollow insulator
        Circuit breaker bushing
        Capacitor porcelain bushing
        Transformer bushing      

        Instrument transformer bushing 
        Cable ceramic bushing insulator 

     Ceramic overhead line insulator
        Ceramic suspension insulator 
         Ceramic line post insulator 
        Ceramic pin insulator
        Ceramic stay insulator
Ceramic spool insulator
        Ceramic shackle insulator
     Ceramic station post insulator 


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